SHINee World 2014 - CHIBA


Is there anyone to help me getting a ticket for SHINee World 2014 in Japan, Chiba on 28th of September?
I am from germany and I happen to be in Tokyo until 30th September. It would be so great if there is any response *^*

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I don’t care what groups you’re based on I’ll check you all out, I’m starting to feel old surrounded by teenagers (I love you guys too but you make me feel old). Thank you (◕‿◕✿)


Uhm… I’ve been thinking if someone could help me maybe?? Q__Q I just realized that I’ll be in Japan, Tokyo in March (9th -21st), when there are the concerts in Tokyo T___T But I didn’t know back then when the tickets were sold… So. Maybe could you spread my request to your followers so maybe I will be able to get a ticket from someone who can’t go or has one (or two, since I’ll go there with my babysister) extra? Would be SO nice of you T__T Just your ordinary german hottest >___<

Thanks, Sakura <3